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Even though millions of dog bites occur each year in the U.S., very few of the victims will be compensated by insurance companies for their injuries. In fact, many dog bites go unreported, so most victims won’t get the money they are owed in spite of home insurance coverage.

By some estimates, insurances companies compensate only 15,000 dog bite victims each year. Compare that number to the 4.7 million dog bites that will occur in a year, and it’s easy to see why getting a dog bite lawyer to win your claim is sound advice.

The average cost a dog bite victim will need to pay for medical treatment is about $18,000. Dog bites which require treatment in an emergency room or during longer hospitalization stays are dramatically increasing.

Sometimes, dog bite victims suffer the consequences long after the wound has healed as a result of complications, especially with injuries caused deep in the flesh. Yet, an insurance company will often only offer a victim a small portion of what it would pay if the victim had a dog bite lawyer.

Having a dog bite lawyer to negotiate with the insurance company will help a dog bite victim’s chance at getting the appropriate compensation for their medical costs and other suffering both now and in the future, as opposed to the quick one-time settlement typically offered by the insurance company. A Pennsylvania dog bite attorney can handle claims for compensation quickly and efficiently, for residents in Philadelphia, Norristown, Reading and Lancaster.

Another thing a dog bite victim must consider is how long it will take to heal, and what that will cost them in wages they could not earn during the recovery process. Some dog bite injuries may even affect an individual’s ability to earn a living in the long term.

Dogs that attack are a public menace, and dog owners who are not held responsible for the consequences of an unleashed or unrestrained dog known to be dangerous are not likely to change their ways. This could lead to further dog bite victims.

Dangerous dogs owned by negligent people are an extreme risk to young children in the community, who statistically are the most likely victims of a dog attack. The whole neighborhood is put in danger by a negligent pet owner with an aggressive dog, because about two-thirds of dog bites occur on or near the victim’s property. A significant proportion also occurs on the owners’ property. That means you are more likely to be bitten by the dog of a relative or friend than by a wild dog roaming free.

Indeed, the American Humane Association says in most dog attacks, the victims knew the dog. You may not want to think badly about how a person you know handles or raises his or her pet, but the truth of the matter is an aggressive dog with a negligent owner can easily attack other people, especially if it is already known to attack.

A dog bite lawyer is the most qualified person to handle your basic needs after a dog bite, without creating unnecessary hard feelings. All parties will recognize that handling these claims is best left to a qualified dog bite lawyer who knows the legal issues at stake.

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Experience Counts

A dog bite lawyer knows how to get that information for a lost income claim from an employer and can also uncover important information about fringe benefits, work reviews and other details in addition to a basic number of days and hours lost because of a dog bite injury. This gives the victim a better chance of winning the amount s/he actually deserves after an unprovoked dog bite.

Animal Control Pennsylania

If there is potential for harm
Please see our list for a list of Animal Control Offices who can assist if a dangerous dog appears to be unsupervised or a threat to you or others.


If you have been Attacked
If You or a loved one have been bitten or mauled by a dog and need medical assistance. Please see the map above for a list of hospitals.


Where to report your Dog Attack
Please see our list above of where to report your Dog Bite incident immediately following an attack.